77 Wade Ave, Toronto, Kanada

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Achieving Construction Efficiency Using Mass Timber with a Composite Slim Floor

77 Wade's construction is about to begin in The Junction, one of Toronto's most sought-after neighbourhoods. The 15,000 ft² project consists of 7 floors of office space above 2,500 ft² of retail space on the ground floor.

Next Property Group, the developer on this ambitious project, envisioned offering tenants and office employees a highly eco-friendly biophilic building showcasing exposed wood with large open spaces, 12 feet ceilings and plenty of natural light.

Says Jonathan King, Principal at BNKC Architects, the architectural firm responsible for 77 Wade's aesthetic and innovative design, "Success is the ability to juggle the aspirations you and your client have set for the project and arrive, in the end, with most of them achieved. 77 Wade is a case study in how we achieved that success". To accomplish this feat, they used steel and concrete in the form of DELTABEAM® to enhance the value of wood design to Next Property Group perspective clients.

On BNKC's solution to their design challenges, Jonathan adds, "The first thing we realized was that we needed to step outside the box and search for answers differently. For this speculative office building, we asked the following questions:

  • How do we achieve a 9 metres (30ft) clear grid spacing in a mass timber project?
  • How do we create genuinely flexible floor plates, allowing for demising and re-demising to occur inexpensively?
  • How do we achieve the desired fire and acoustic separations?
  • How do we modularize the majority of the structural solution sustainably?

We believe we've arrived at a genuinely hybrid solution for all of these challenges that combines mass timber, Peikko DELTABEAM® with concrete. The result has proven to be a cost-effective and sustainable approach that has advanced post and beam technology into the 21st Century".

According to Luc Gagnon, Project Manager at Peikko Canada, "One of the unique advantages of using DELTABEAM® in projects like 77 Wade, is the ability to have a 30-feet spacing between columns with 12-inch beams. Unlike conventional type beams that significantly drop below the deck to support loads, DELTABEAM® slim floor system enhanced the reduced slab depth with flexible floor layouts".  In this project, DELTABEAM® eliminated 920 mm / 36" per floor compared to glulam drop beams.

Other advantages of using DELTABEAM® in this Mass Timber project included enhanced fire resistance, flexibility in floor layout, and eliminating HVAC and MEP conflicts for the required tenant improvements.

The structural engineer is Blackwell Structural Engineers, a Toronto-based firm recognized for its exceptional wood design talent. The construction manager on the project is Alliance7 Construction Inc. The GLT Mass Timber Slabs manufacturer is Quebec-based Structure Fusion, a company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and installation of mass timber structures. 

77 Wade will be one of the tallest wooden commercial office buildings in Canada.

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Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
4572 m2
Velikost projektu:
15,000 ft2
Next Property Group
Stavební firma:
Alliance 7 Construction Inc.
Blackwell Structural Engineers
BNKC Architecture + Urban Design
Prefa závod:
Structure Fusion

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