Apartment Complex Vanagupės kopa, Palanga, Litva

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A new A++ energy class hotel and leisure complex Vanagupės kopa has been constructed in Palanga, featuring 55 apartments.

The building's architecture draws inspiration from the coastal landscape, with undulating facades evoking the imagery of sea waves and the constantly shifting dunes. The structure is equipped with modern engineering systems to ensure comfort, and the efficiently planned spaces are enhanced by large terraces, providing a sense of expanded living area.

The construction of this project utilized non-standard prefabricated balconies with rounded outer corners. Each floor features balconies of varying shapes, arranged around the entire perimeter of the building and interconnected with flexible expansion joints.

Implementing such a technically complex solution is a challenge, and we are pleased to announce that Peikko Lietuva was selected for this project. We designed and manufactured 505 units (0.425 km) of EBEA® balcony connectors specifically for this complex. EBEA® balcony connectors are capable of withstanding significant loads, are fire-resistant, and effectively minimize thermal bridging at the intersection of balconies and load-bearing structures.

The combination of load-bearing EBEA® balcony connectors and non-load-bearing EBEA® intermediates accounted for approximately 0.7 km in this project.

Peikko's innovative solutions significantly contribute to the realization of top-quality construction projects.

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3 506,00 m2
UAB Investicijos slėnis
A. Šlapelis
UAB Archas
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UAB Betonika
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