Bridgewater Crossing, Beaver County, USA

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Bridgewater Crossing is located in Beaver County Pennsylvania where the Beaver and Ohio Rivers converge. What was once home to a river barge repair facility, is now a construction site where the first of three five-story luxury apartment buildings is currently being erected. Each building is comprised of 45 units and a parking level for a total of approximately 95, 000 square feet.

DELTABEAM® was a good option for this project thanks to its 30’ long span, reduced building height, 2-hour integrated fire rating, and speed of construction.

JMAC Architects decided to go with DELTABEAM® to solve one of their biggest challenges. “We had a significant issue with total building height.  The system allowed us to use lower floor to floor height but still give the finished ceiling heights we needed,” says James McMullan, AIA; Principal at JMAC Architects in Pittsburgh, PA.

Using DELTABEAM® also had its advantages for JMAC Architects. “Our firm is involved with a lot of multifamily and hospitality projects.  The system allows for much more plan freedom compared to bearing walls when using concrete plank or long span deck.  Since the beams are integral with the floor system, there are no beam obstructions which leads to lower floor to floor heights.  Also, the system has been tested for fire resistance and requires no additional fire proofing to meet certain fire ratings.  In Addition, the erection time is less than a comparable CMU bearing wall system”, says James McMullan.

For Michael Wuerthele, structural engineer at WBCM, using DELTABEAM® also had its perks. “We needed shallow members flush to the underside of the plank and that was an advantage we knew the system offered. Although it isn’t as known in the US, it’s been tested and it’s a reliable system.  From a design perspective, it was a seamless engineering effort between myself and Peikko’s engineering team,” says Michael Wuerthele.

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DELTABEAM® system allowed us to use lower floor to floor height but still give the finished ceiling heights we needed.

James McMullan, AIA; Principal at JMAC Architects

Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
3 x 95 000 ft2
5 levels + full below grade parking level
CJ Betters Builders LLC
Stavební firma:
Cavcon Construction
JMAC Architects
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Saycore Precast
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