Dockyard Waterfront Offices, Berlin, Německo

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The first use of DELTABEAM® Green composite beams in Germany.

DELTABEAM® Green was installed for the first time in Berlin by the company Hagenauer GmbH. These are the first DELTABEAM® Green ever installed on a German construction site and we are very pleased that we were able to supply the more environmentally friendly version of our innovative DELTABEAM® in this project for the first time.

The DELTABEAM® Green were coated here in a subtle light grey and will later remain visible in many areas along with the timber hybrid ceiling. The timber hybrid construction including DELTABEAM® Green ensures a significantly lower CO² equivalent.

As a small comparison: By supplying DELTABEAM® Green instead of the standard DELTABEAM®, an enormous amount of almost 600t of CO2 could be saved. This corresponds to almost 400 times the annual consumption of an average mid-range car (based on 15,000 km of mileage per year).

The construction industry CAN be sustainable. The DOCKYARD project developed by Pecan Development GmbH impressively proves this.

The combined timber hybrid construction and other CO2-saving measures make a major contribution to the sustainability of the building. The striking framework and the wooden supports are just one of the components. Recycled concrete is also used and thanks to an innovative energy concept with a large ice storage as a central element and the use of environmental energy sources geothermal energy, sun and ambient air, the Dockyard is climate-neutral throughout its entire operation.

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Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
32.300 m2
Pecan Development GmbH
Stavební firma:
Hagenauer GmbH
Tchoban Voss Architekten
Rok dodání:
Rok dokončení:

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