Häfele Arena, Německo

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Marking its momentous 100th company anniversary, Häfele has bestowed upon its hometown, Nagold, a remarkable gift - the "Häfele Arena," an adaptable open-air hall designed to benefit all residents.

This gesture underscores the company's unwavering commitment to solidarity and sustainability, seamlessly woven into the fabric of the city itself.

A Testament to Responsibility: In 2022, Häfele took a resolute stride towards economic, ecological, and social responsibility by aligning with the WIN charter of Baden-Württemberg. Today, the inauguration of the "Häfele Arena" brings this pledge to life, exemplifying Häfele's dedication to creating a tangible impact.

A Hub of Possibilities: Nestled within the Stadtpark Kleb, a stone's throw away from the rejuvenating bathing park and the historic old town, the "Häfele Arena" encompasses a plethora of possibilities. Its year-round functionality caters to sports and a myriad of activities, serving as a reliever for the bustling core city halls. From individuals to schools, clubs, institutions, corporations, and private sports collectives, the arena extends its embrace. Booking this versatile space is as easy as a tap, thanks to a dedicated app.

Pinnacle of Endurance and Safety: For the outdoor area, where robustness and safety are paramount, Häfele turned to Peikko BESISTA®, renowned for its groundbreaking solutions. The hot-dip galvanized BESISTA® rod systems, including M16 roof bracing and M22 cross braces with circular discs for hall flanks, set an unparalleled standard. These enduring rods showcase a protective zinc coating, fortified on threaded rods and rod anchors, rendering them impervious to the elements.

The Häfele Arena stands not just as a tangible structure, but as a testament to Häfele's unwavering commitment to Nagold's progress, community cohesion, and the harmonious coexistence of industry and environment. This remarkable gift reverberates with a message of unity, embracing the spirit of collaboration that Häfele has fostered for a century.

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