Layher office and storage, Lahti, Finsko

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German company Layher is constructing new premises in Lahti, Finland.

On a 2.5-hectare plot, office spaces, a training center, and a wholesale warehouse of about 7,500 square meters will be erected. Its location near the main highway ensures good logistical connections throughout Finland.

The structural design of the site was made by Insinööritoimisto Kari Rinne Oy, and Varte Lahti Oy is the building contractor. The construction has utilized Peikko’s DELTABEAM® Green composite beams and PETRA® Green slab hangers. Due to the proximity of the railway, the dimensioning of the beams has taken into account the vibration requirement based on vibration measurements and analysis.

Peikko’s delivery also included various connection products, such as HPM® Anchor Bolts and PPL Installation Templates, as well as MODIX® Rebar Couplings.

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Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
7,500 m2
Layher Oy
Stavební firma:
Varte Oy
Insinööritoimisto Kari Rinne Oy
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