Medical Center eira healthcare & living, Gelterkinden, Švýcarsko

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Building sustainable and slim with DELTABEAM®

A new medical center with apartments, underground parking and a café is currently being built in the Swiss town of Gelterkinden using a timber hybrid construction (method).

Peikko's custom-made DELTABEAM® composite beams are used, combining the strengths of timber, concrete, and steel. Thanks to DELTABEAM®, more freedom is created in room design, as fewer columns are required and a flexible floor plan is made possible. In addition, DELTABEAM® offers the advantage of savings in volume and costs.

The idea behind the project "eira healthcare & living" is to combine health, sustainability and building ecology. The use of steel, concrete and timber creates a cozy atmosphere without disregarding aspects of economy.

Space for green areas and the show garden with herbs is created by eliminating surface parking lots. This is to provide an atmosphere conducive to health.

The use of timber as a raw material, for the structure of the building, offers several advantages. Flexible redesign of the interiors and repurposing of the commercial space is made possible as a result. The facade is to provide a pleasant atmosphere through the use of Austrian larch as a natural raw material.

Construction is scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2023.

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Fakta o projektu

Dr. med. Markus Schönenberg
Stavební firma:
Arco Plus AG SIA Architekten, Atelier F-Geschoss
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