One Bernam Condominium, Singapur

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Located at the southernmost tip of the city's financial core lies the prestigious neighborhood of Tanjong Pagar, which proudly houses One Bernam.

This coveted area seamlessly blends its esteemed commercial stature with a rich tapestry of heritage and culture, creating an enchanting enclave brimming with excitement. As part of the city's rejuvenation masterplan, One Bernam serves as a pivotal component, adding to the vibrancy and allure of this thriving district.

In the construction of One Bernam, wire-loops play a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and obstruction-free installation process. These innovative connections facilitate solid concrete-connections in long structural wall seams, guaranteeing the integrity and strength of the building's framework. By employing wire-loops, the project benefits from both efficiency and reliability, ultimately contributing to the overall quality and durability of the structure.

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28,001 m2
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