Pedestrian Bridge at Triiiple Towers, Vienna, Rakousko

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Schnirch Alley in Vienna's 3rd district was for a long time a dark and dusty side street in the shadow of the former customs office building.

During the urban development of the area, several skyscrapers - Orbi Tower, Austro Tower and the Triiiple Towers - have been built over the last 5 years, making Schnirch Alley one of the best addresses in the district.

In order to be able to connect the open spaces of the Triiiple Towers, which have been made accessible to the public, with the Thomas-Klestil-Platz in TownTown opposite, a connecting bridge for pedestrians was planned. The bridge was built at a height of 9.0 m above Schnirch Alley with a clear span of 22.0 m.


Building fast with concrete

In accordance with the architectural concept of the Triiiple towers, the bridge was designed in concrete construction with exposed concrete surfaces. As the supporting structure had to be erected above the site access road of four high-rise buildings, the construction logistics posed a particular difficulty. The main load-bearing structure of the bridge consists of precast concrete beams that are force-locked to each other. To enable a simple and quick assembly, the main and secondary beams were connected to each other using BECO® beam shoes and COPRA® anchoring couplers. A concrete slab was placed on the cross beams with the help of post-tensioned element slabs. The connection of the concrete slab and the main beams was ensured with the use of rebar couplers.

Peikko's connection system allowed the main structural members of the bridge to have full load-bearing capacity within 24 hours of assembly, enabling the loads of the next construction phases to be transferred without the need for temporary supports. This meant that the access road to the construction site was only restricted for one day.

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