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The new campus of Stadin ammatti- ja aikuisopisto (Stadin AO) in Roihupelto, Helsinki, will provide facilities for up to 4,500 students upon its completion by 2026.

Covering an area of approximately 44,000 gross square meters, this campus is set to become the largest upcoming construction project of the city of Helsinki in the coming years.
The developer of the Roihupelto campus is the City of Helsinki, specifically its Urban Environment Division. Lujatalo is responsible for the planning, construction, and 20-year maintenance of the educational institution. During the project's planning phase, the collaboration encompassed architectural design provided by Verstas Arkkitehdit Oy, structural engineering expertise from A-insinöörit Oy, and engineering consultancy services offered by Granlund Oy.
This campus in Roihupelto is being constructed using a life cycle model, emphasizing resource efficiency. The project aims to achieve a carbon footprint at least 10% smaller than the reference calculation. Additionally, it includes Finland's third-largest ground-source heat pump facility. Life cycle projects play a significant role in Helsinki's property strategy, offering a secure investment framework, budgeting certainty, and reliable maintenance.
Peikko is supplying the project with 960 DELTABEAM® Composite Beams, totaling 6.3 kilometers in length. It's worth noting that all of these composite beams for the project are manufactured near the construction site, at Peikko's factory in Finland. The delivery also includes a significant quantity of PCs® consoles sold to the element factory, as well as PETRA® slab hangers.
The campus buildings encompass a wide range of spaces, from classrooms to storage and machinery halls. A distinctive feature is the incorporation of several overhead cranes for educational use, which require ample clearance in their designated areas. This, in turn, necessitates long spans, which can be effectively achieved using DELTABEAM® Composite Beams. With DELTABEAM®, it's possible to create open and flexible spaces as large as 12 × 16 grid sizes, easily adaptable throughout the entire lifecycle of the building to accommodate changing usage needs.
The advantages of Peikko's solutions and expert services play vital roles in shaping the overall customer experience. Peikko is dedicated to harmonizing all these elements to deliver the best possible customer experience.
"Peikko is committed to delivering a great customer experience that leaves a positive impression. We genuinely aim to highlight the benefits for the customer and find the best solutions for each project. Often, customer experience is shaped by small things, such as the smooth deliveries in the Roihupelto campus project," describes Elina Hietanen, Project Manager at Peikko Finland.
"Deliveries proceeded smoothly, even though precise scheduling was a challenge on both ends. Even rush deliveries were successful when needed. Peikko's team actively reached out to us, taking prompt action, and delivery reliability remained consistent throughout the project," says Jari Laulajainen, Site Manager at Lujatalo Oy.
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Peikko's team actively reached out to us, taking prompt action, and delivery reliability remained consistent throughout the project.

Jari Laulajainen, Site Manager, Lujatalo Oy

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44 000 m2
City of Helsinki
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Verstas Arkkitehdit
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