Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Plant 3rd Green Building, PyeongTaek, Jižní Korea

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Samsung Electronics Semiconductor Plant 3rd Green Building

(Wastewater Treatment Facility) 

This project is a Precast Modular Core(Staircase/ Elevator Shaft) in Semi-Conductor Project.

Registering Modular Core Structure Patent with Samsung Engineering.
Succeeding Seimiconductor projects will come following decade(s), and this modular core solution was developed to be used on them. Also to prepare for rising demands for Precast Modular Core Solution in Korean Market.
Solution is expected to be spread to other construction projects and other companies under the patent rights.

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Safe & easy to install - Ingon Kim, Site Architectural Construction Team Leader of Samsung Engineering

Samsung Electronics

Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
- (Stair Core & Shaft part Only) m2
Samsung Electronics
Stavební firma:
Samsung Engineering
HanKyul Structural Engineering (Core part only)
Architect in Samsung (Core part Shop Design : INHUS)
Prefa závod:
Samil CNS (Core part only)
Rok dodání:
Rok dokončení:

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