Terminal 3 Expansion - Copenhagen Airport, København, Dánsko

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THRELDA® Anchor Plates were used on the expansion of Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport.

The expansion of Terminal 3 at Copenhagen Airport by 70,000 m² will ensure that the airport remains among the best in the world. Architecturally, the expansion combines existing qualities with simple solutions that ensure that the terminal extension is as spectacular, simple, and calm as the rest of the airport.

During the construction of the impressive roof structure, roof trussesm some as long as 60-meters, had to be temporarily braced until the full stability and shear action in the roof structure was achieved.

The large steel profiles, serving as temporary bracing, required a hidden and lowered bolted solution. The joint needs to be able to transfer significant tensile and shear forces that would be transferred to the stabilizing stair and installation cores in the building.

The contractor, Per Aarsleff A/S identified, in cooperation with Peikko, the optimal solution for absorbing the relatively high assembly loads in the form of tensile and shear forces to be THRELDA® Anchor Plates.

THRELDA® Anchor Plates enable fast, accurate bolted joints and an efficient load transfer between the concrete and steel bracing – without the need for welding during installation.

In addition to above Peikko have also delivered DELTABEAM® Slim Floor Structure, MODIX® Rebar Couplers, PCs® Corbels, SUMO® Wall Shoes, COPRA® Anchoring Couplers and PETRA® Slab Hangers.

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Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
70.000 m2
Copenhagen Airports A/S
Stavební firma:
Per Aarsleff A/S
ZESO Architects
Prefa závod:
Heidelberg Materials A/S
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Rok dokončení:

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