Tinian Island Xingsha Apartment Hotel, Čína

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This project is located in Tianning Island, consisting of three three-storey serviced apartments, with a height of 15.6m and a total area of 8000 square meters.

Due to local laws, construction workers can only hire local residents. These laws and the lack of local labor and building materials, the use of cast-in-place concrete structure can cause construction costs for domestic building be as much as 6~7 times more expensive; More seriously, the level of expertise of the local labor is low. The construction time of this three-story structure could be as long as 2~3 years, which seriously affects the hotels operation plan.

In order to save the construction cost and shorten the construction period, the construction party decided to adopt the fully assembled concrete frame structure, produce the components in China, and ship them to Tianning Island for assembly, so as to reduce the on-site wet operation as much as possible.

Because Tianning iIsland is close to the Mariana Trench seismic zone, which is equivalent to 8 degrees and a half fortification intensity in China, and the project is located at the seaside with a basic wind speed of 175mph (about 280km/h), the structure must have good mechanical performance and seismic performance.

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John Zhuang, Hotel owner

Fakta o projektu

Velikost projektu:
8000 m2
上海海瑞置业有限公司,Shanghai Hairui Real Estate Co., LTD
Stavební firma:
中国建筑科学研究院有限公司,China Building Research Institute Co. LTD
Prefa závod:
日照市国丰远大住宅工业有限公司,Rizhao Guofeng Yuanda Housing Industry Co. LTD
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